Our strategy is underpinned by market research and our understanding of the sector.

Challenge, Strategy, Solution

As an experienced team of technical developers, twentyeightb have the in-house knowledge and skill to build their own website, so it was a huge leap of faith trusting a third party with the project.

After completing an in-depth discovery phase, which included a site visit (where we were able to speak to every team member and get a real feel for the business and the sector they operate within), we were able to create a thorough marketing and design brief that fully outlined the project scope and requirements.

We quickly established that an outbound marketing strategy would be required once the new website was launched, so it was critical for our project team to really “get under the skin” of the pharmaceutical industry and determine how best to position twentyeightb’s service offering.

The design brief called for a website that would be fresh, modern and visually impressive, and more importantly, would tell twentyeightb’s story and sell their value proposition to agencies and pharma brand teams.

Since launching the new site, we’ve already improved the rankings for 31 target keywords, which has resulted in a 218% increase in organic traffic and a 32% reduction in bounce rate.

We’re currently focusing on evolving our content marketing campaign to achieve greater brand awareness, which should help to deliver the return on investment we set out to achieve.

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