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The Challenge

As a trusted partner of PCIpal we were commissioned to rebrand and redesign the new site to support their launch into the UK, European and US FinTech marketplace.

This involved a great deal of strategic planning, budgeting for board approval, identifying target sectors, creating customer personas and defining clear business goals and KPIs – all the while, being sensitive to the needs and requirements of investors and the city.

StrategiQ Video

Our Strategy

The vast scope of this project meant the first step needed to be the completion of a thorough discovery phase. This involved a number of strategy meetings with the client and the creation of a detailed marketing strategy document, which became the blueprint for all ongoing activity.

With in-depth customer, competitor and market analysis to refer to, as well as visionary, campaign and business goals, we were able to produce a realistic annual budget plan – broken into quarterly sprints – based on business needs.

From this, we created an all-encompassing, fully scalable marketing and content strategy that included branding, web design and development, video production and animation, content creation and outreach, email marketing and social media, technical SEO and CRO, paid search campaigns and ad hoc print design for brochures, event stands and other corporate collateral. All in all, a fully integrated digital marketing plan!


Design + Development

This was a great branding project for our design team as it required logo design, iconography, selecting typefaces, colours and shapes, as well as the creation of new brand guidelines. In short, we were able to heavily influence the creative direction of the new brand.

The client was the first to admit that the ‘sector norm’ was to lean towards safe, conventional corporate colours, but they were looking to be disruptive, so we were given creative licence to be a little experimental.

Once we’d agreed the bold new look and feel, we began designing each page with close attention paid to UX and the overall user journey. The data we gathered informed us that the majority of visitors would be educated about PCI compliance, but we didn’t want to take anything for granted. Enquiry conversions were our primary success metric, so we worked hard to ensure all roads led there.

Internationalisation was also a key technical requirement, both for the website content and the animated videos we produced for launch. We were able to handle this successfully, and made sure the site was underpinned by a considered SEO sitemap.

Integrated Marketing

As the original domain had limited authority, we set about generating lots of credible industry content as part of our blogging and outreach plan. Enhanced search engine optimisation is our long-term goal, but to generate a high volume of quality leads in the meantime, we’re focusing our efforts on paid marketing campaigns via Google Adwords and social media platforms. This is also helping us to boost engagement around our video case studies.

We’re also using email marketing to ensure we’re talking to PCI Pal’s client base, and potential client base, frequently and consistently.

Working alongside PCI Pal’s Marketing Director, we continue to provide consultation and support to the wider in-house marketing team (as an extension of the team) on a wide range of regular, targeted marketing campaigns, both domestically and internationally.

The Results

We continue to get great feedback from the various shareholders involved with the new brand, and they know, whatever the challenge or business need, we’re here to provide expert advice and hands-on support.

The content and quality of the video case studies we’re producing to a regular schedule are often cited as a major factor in a new client’s decision to choose PCI Pal over a competitor, so it’s great to see these films making a significant impact on leads, and ultimately, conversions.

Overall, we’re generating more leads than the brand has ever experienced, which is directly contributing to the company’s continued growth and expansion into new markets. We have a great relationship with the client and a solid platform to continue to develop the marketing strategy based on evolving business needs.

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