Our challenge was to turn the pioneering ideas behind Occumi into reality.

Challenge, Strategy, Solution

When we were presented with the Occumi concept and pitched the idea behind it, we knew it would be a challenging, but very rewarding, design and development project.

Following a discovery session, where we were able to gauge the client’s visual preferences and gain a full understanding of the product, the initial branding designs and front-end website concepts were surprisingly quick to produce. But then the real challenge began… Building the functionality behind the app, integrating Joe and Josh’s complex algorithm and designing the back-end user portal and dashboards gave us the opportunity to flex our tech dev muscles!

From the elegant user interface to the complicated functionality that underpins it, we couldn’t be happier with the final result. We’ve paired high quality design with simple, clean, lightweight code to create an intuitive, bespoke content management system, which will scale and evolve as the Occumi platform continues to grow and develop.