You don't need a multi-million pound budget to build a credible FinTech brand

Challenge, Strategy, Solution

StrategiQ has worked with Direct Debit collection and processing service provider, London & Zurich, from the early days of the agency. In that time, both brands have grown immeasurably. We helped London & Zurich develop their first logo design a little over 4 years ago and we’re about to embark on designing and building an exciting new website that reflects the brand’s evolution.

As a forward-thinking, progressive FinTech company, London & Zurich have remained at the forefront of innovation to stay ahead of the curve, and we’ve been there with them every step of the way to ensure their digital marketing strategy adapts and evolves accordingly.

Being influential in the growth and continued success of a business, especially one operating in such a competitive space, is testament to the hard work and commitment we’ve put in over the years. Some of the highlights include our first website for them (their second) that helped put them on the map as a credible business in the payments sector, not to mention some highly targeted content creation and link building that has built the brand’s domain authority and positioned them as thought leaders.

They won’t mind us saying that we haven’t had the same budgets to work with that other companies in the FinTech space have access to, but we’ve always been able to compete. This focus on efficiency and ROI means we’ve been able to punch above our weight, using a test and learn approach to quickly identify aspects of the strategy that aren’t working and focus on areas where we know we’re more effective. We constantly monitor lead attribution across our integrated campaigns, so we know exactly where the best results are coming from.

We’re now looking forward to launching the all-new website, which we hope will propel the brand to new heights, while continuing to develop London & Zurich’s ongoing marketing strategy.

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