Just have achieved everything we set out to and more.

The Challenge

Over 4 years ago, we sat down with the founders of Just Mortgage Brokers and signed off the business name, vision and values, campaign and business goals. It’s amazing to see how far the brand has come along…

Creating a successful brand and business in a specialist sector dominated by companies with huge brand authority and multi-million pound marketing budgets is no mean feat. Building and maintaining a website that competes and holds its own in the ever-changing world of Google search rankings takes knowledge, expertise and a lot of hard work. The key challenge has been achieving the client’s aggressive lead generation ambitions (both paid and non-paid), while maintaining a sensible cost per acquisition (CPA).

Just Mortgage Brokers Just Mortgage Brokers

Our Strategy

Our primary goal has always been to achieve and maintain position 1–3 in the SERPs for the key industry terms. Getting there was a true team effort as a fully integrated marketing approach was essential. Firstly, on-site standards and page content had to be robust and relevant. Then we had the challenge of content creation and outreach to build the brand within the industry and create customer awareness. This also helped us build website authority via link acquisition.

In addition, we’ve built social traffic via paid and organic methods to help meet the longer term visionary goal of becoming a household name within the marketplace. We’re using paid search to build a consistent lead source, although organic is giving us the best CPL and has grown to the point where we’ve been able to scale back the paid budget. Finally, website conversions are critical so we have to constantly review page performance, as well as Trustpilot reputation management. All of this adds up to a very successful strategy that negates the need for the client to employ an expensive multi-skilled in-house marketing team!

Increase in Organic Leads YoY

Reduction in Organic CPL

Reduction in Paid CPL

Design & Development

Now on our 3rd version of the website, the key focus is how we handle conversions with content to please both the user and Google. As a specialist mortgage company operating in a space where trust and credibility is crucial, it’s important to realise that people will choose the brand as much as the services supplied or the rates on offer.

We had to take all of this into account when designing and developing the new site, as well as any offline material. Now more than ever, we are seeing mobile and tablet usage overtake desktop, even for what would traditionally be understood as a considered purchase; therefore, we have carefully considered mobile UX  in our latest version.

Integrated Marketing

Just are one of our longest standing clients, so our integrated marketing approach has evolved to become a highly considered process based on insight gleaned from user data. We had some early success with Google rankings, despite budgetary limitations during the company’s formative years, but Just’s competitors soon responded, upping their marketing and PR game (and budgets).

This meant we had to work even harder to establish content and social media as proven lead sources that could also maintain the highly sought after search rankings with increased investment. All in all, the results and business growth achieved by adopting an ethical, long-term approach rather than quick-win shortcuts have been astounding.

The Results

Just proudly inhabit position 1–3 for “Bad Credit Mortgage”, which generates huge traffic volumes and daily leads. As a result of our SEO and content marketing strategy, we have over 100 phrases generating relevant traffic. Our paid search campaigns have been optimised to scale and cover organic fluctuations when necessary, which is working very successfully.

However, the real satisfaction comes from knowing we’re making a hugely positive impact on the business and the aspirations of its directors, while nurturing a strong relationship built on mutual trust and respect.