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Relaunching a challenger brand to better compete in the ultrafast full-fibre broadband marketplace.
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“Jurassic Fibre is on a mission to change the broadband industry for the better. StrategiQ took the time to fully understand our business purpose and objectives. They have helped us to define and implement a fully-integrated strategy that delivers impact across every aspect of our brand, website and marketing. They are a fantastic partner to work with.”
Steve Garrood, Chief Commercial Officer

Founded in 2018 by Sidmouth resident Michael Maltby, Jurassic Fibre is working hard to bring the internet experience for families and businesses to a whole new level. Empowering people to be ‘truly digital’ in their day-to-day lives, caring for the communities around them and making the digital plumbing of the 21st century a reality in the South West.

For too long, the South West has been an afterthought in the world of communications. Families are getting tired of long buffering times; gamers have fallen victim to the ever-dreaded lag; customers have not received the broadband service they’ve been promised.

Jurassic Fibre’s mission is to transform perceptions of broadband providers, galvanising communities and empowering the people and businesses of the South West with the connectivity they deserve. By creating opportunities and facilitating growth, Jurassic Fibre is the future for our region, communities and industry.

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Client Story

Finding their voice

Insights & Objectives

Before we embarked on our ambitious journey together, our team of digital analysts and strategists conducted a comprehensive research project. Auditing the business’s technical and digital infrastructure as well as their marketing performance and wider competitor landscape to better understand what needed to be done, how it needed to be done and most importantly when.

Informed by both qualitative and quantitative data we worked with the team at Jurassic and their partners to define a strategy roadmap that would achieve their growth objectives. Armed with detailed audit documentation outlining insights-driven opportunities, we set out to evolve the Jurassic brand.

A network for life

Brand & Values

Jurassic Fibre was founded in 2019 and had naturally evolved over this time. However, the founders and investors had an ambitious vision and clear business plan. It was therefore important for them to revisit their core brand values and define a purpose, mission and vision that would enable Jurassic Fibre to live up to their new positioning.

Through consultancy and collaboration, a clear set of values and behaviours were also defined. Alongside a modernised brand style guide defining the brand and its offerings for B2B and B2C, we launched the new look and feel Jurassic Fibre. Supported by a new brand manifesto and tone of voice document enabling the them to keep brand alive and provide clarity to their colleagues through this high growth phase.

A network for growth

Website Development

Following the successful transformation of their brand identity, we set to implement the wider audit opportunities including digital architecture and site performance.

The refreshed website design and development phases focused on solving customer challenges and making getting connected as simple as possible.

With enhanced functionality and a custom CMS theme they have seen vast improvements in flexibility, management and performance. Alongside some complex systems and API & CRM integrations, including a bespoke developed feasibility and postcode checker, the website is already outperforming expectations.


A network for the future

Marketing Strategy

Jurassic Fibre exist to exceed customer expectations and change their perception of the broadband industry. In order to do this, we needed to approach things from their customers perspective.

Our approach to marketing, advertising and messaging centers around the values and purpose of Jurassic and incorporates their challenger brand mentality.

Launching a fully integrated awareness and acquisition strategy in collaboration with Jurassic’s online and offline partners, nurturing buyers with engaging content through from awareness to purchase across paid, social, email, advertising and offline media.


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