Building the Donnelly Watson brand and seeing it grow has been very rewarding.

The Challenge

Building a brand from scratch for a largely unknown local company and generating leads with a limited budget was always going to be a challenge. We solved it with a new website optimised for organic search, offline marketing and event planning, and ongoing content and social media marketing. Our marketing strategy is geared around using the budget and resources effectively to yield the best ROI.

Donnelly Watson Donnelly Watson

Our Strategy

From the outset 3 years ago, we knew we had to get the foundations for the brand right, so we worked closely with the client to create the business name, logo and branding. Now in our 4th year of working together, and with a business that has grown considerably, we’ve just launched a brand new website which complements and reflects Donnelly Watson’s expanded showroom and business offering. We also manage content creation, social media and search marketing campaigns with a real integrated approach that’s structured but flexible.

Increase in Organic Traffic YoY

Increase in Leads YoY

Increase in Facebook Fans YoY

Design & Development

The latest website has transformed how Donnelly Watson are perceived in the marketplace. Every page was designed and built with flexible content blocks to create a fully bespoke experience. With a mix of professional product and lifestyle photography, the new site really answers the question of why people should choose Donnelly Watson. The site is also underpinned by a high quality and fully scalable CMS that is easy to manage and work with.

Integrated Marketing

The services we provide throughout our quarterly campaigns include website upgrades, content creation and syndication, social media, local SEO and paid search. Each element is planned and delivered on time and to a budget which we’ve determined will provide an acceptable ROI. Our monthly reports track leads and enquiries from source to ensure our strategy is perfectly aligned with the needs of the business.

The Results

The most important end result has been the continued growth of the business. Clearly this is down to how hard the owners have worked, but we’re proud to have been influential in building the brand and generating leads along the way. The latest website shows how a well designed local site can look, function and perform, with high Google rankings achieved for “Carpets / Flooring Ipswich”, which demonstrates the strength of our local SEO standards and delivery.