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A modernised brand and website that continues to amplify an agency’s unique positioning and sector expertise.
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“Working with StrategiQ has been a pleasure, both from a delivery standpoint and spirit of partnership. They are at the cutting edge of how to best achieve results digitally, all while doing so in an uncomplicated fashion. We’re delighted by the continuing results and looking forward to even more success in the future.”
Matthew Dickinson, Managing Director, Dice Medical Communications

Dice Medical Communications is a specialist pharmaceutical communications agency with a unique insight into the pharmaceutical industry. Dice understands the challenges surrounding pharmaceutical brand communication in the modern era.

Established in 2011, Dice are headquartered in West London and are rapidly expanding to serve an international client base with their growing team of in-house pharmaceutical communications experts.

Dice initially approached StrategiQ to help amplify their brand impact, however, after the success of the brand enhancements and the creation of a fully integrated marketing ecosystem, our relationship has continued to go from strength to strength.

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Client Story

A modernised look and feel


With the objective of helping Dice to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry with a brand that challenges the conventional often sterile branding in the sector. The existing brand did not reflect the team’s wealth of talent nor the director’s ambitions for growth and unique sector experience.

Our creative discovery process included workshops to define what made Dice stand out, and allowed the client the opportunity to shape the creative at every stage of the project development. With a licence to push creative boundaries, our design teams worked more closely than ever to subtly enhance the styling with touches of flair.

The resulting styling is a modern reflection of a brand at the cutting edge of the pharmaceutical industry. Standing out from the crowd with confidence and demonstrable professionalism the new look Dice was ready.

A digital step change

Design & Development

Emboldened by the subtle enhancements to the brand, we developed a full creative brief to take Dice’s existing one-page website forward into a fully-functioning platform ready to support their growth ambitions.

The new website brought a slick change of tempo for Dice, amplifying the new brand styling and highlighting their unique PharmaCohesion model. With the inclusion of dynamic animated brand elements and vastly enhanced navigation the website was focussed on connecting audiences with the information that mattered to them as seamlessly as possible. 

Built on a custom WordPress theme, the website both improved technical performance and page speed but also enhanced SEO efforts by driving visibility and authority. The back-end component based CMS drove efficiency in site and content management by empowering users to evolve the site with limited development support.

An integrated communications strategy


Our detailed and diligent work with the Dice team in uncovering and profiling the key target audience resulted in carefully-segmented acquisition campaigns post launch, ensuring greater awareness in the pharma space. 

Early results were strong, with high-profile leads driven towards the business and industry peers delivering excellent feedback on Dice’s brand positioning. Technical SEO ensured the ranking for critical headline search terms with support from key channels including paid media to build community and dialogue on topical subjects with audiences across the pharma sector.

Now into our third year of working together, the marketing strategy continues to evolve from brand awareness to increasing Dice’s presence and visibility in the pharmaceutical space. Their fully integrated strategy ensures that primary audiences are engaged with, and benefit from, content across all channels, both online and offline.

Reaching audiences when it mattered


During the onset of Covid it was vital that Dice remained present amongst key decision makers whilst positioning the brand as thought leaders. In an effort to diversify communications during the pandemic we created ‘Alea’ as an effective way to drive physical vocality through tactile experiences. 

Latin for Dice, ‘Alea’ was born, bringing a unique take on cross channel communications in the Pharmaceutical sector. Providing a platform for expertise, interviews and collaboration, the mix of physical and digital content exudes quality and engages audiences at every turn. 

Ensuring Dice walks the walk as marketers talking to marketers in a highly specialised industry, Alea has reinvigorated Dice, raising further awareness and attracting bigger pharmaceutical clients. StrategiQ continues to support Dice with the evolution and delivery of their fully integrated marketing strategy as we drive momentum and focus elevating their profile, prominence and status in the industry into 2022.

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