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“This is the second generation website that StrategiQ has designed for Custom Heat, the cornerstone of our marketing and brand identity. While only recently launched, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback, praise and recognition by customers and industry partners alike. The StrategiQ team have ensured decisions for the new website were supported by data – such as being truly mobile-first and making the team more visible throughout the site’s content. Our video strategy was taken to the next level, giving us the best possible platform to explain our values and how we operate at Custom Heat – putting our customers first.” ”
Lincoln Smith, Managing Director

Custom Heat has seen exponential growth during the last 5 years, with their team rapidly expanding from 16 to over 80 people in that period. Their reputation for expertise, professionalism and customer service has earned them the coveted ‘Accredited Service Partner’ status with Worcester Bosch.

Their existing website – designed and built by StrategiQ – was performing well, but required overhauling to better engage mobile users and include greater Ecommerce functionality to underpin the user journey. By appraising the data sitting behind the existing website, a new strategy was designed in order to support Custom Heat’s business growth and revenue objectives for the next few years, and unlock the business’s long-term digital strategy.

Firstly, we redesigned and rebuilt their website to introduce a mobile-first ‘app-like’ experience to improve UX, marketing performance and site speed.

Then a WooCommerce custom integration enabled customers to pay invoices online and configure care plans via a vue app, streamlining their whole experience.

We also created and optimised new landing pages with paid search at the forefront. Various animations were custom built to depict service features, and a strong series of videos was introduced to engage and educate customers.

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Client Story

Building On Established Solid Base

Insights & Objectives

The primary project objective was to grow the company’s customer base outside of Rugby and increase quality leads and sales for new Bosch boiler installations. But a secondary objective was to branch into new service lines such as those around commercial systems, renewables and air conditioning.

With the majority of users now accessing the website via mobile, creating an ‘app-like’ mobile experience was crucial for improving the user experience. To make processes for bookings and payments much easier for the user, we proposed updating the user interface in line with existing Vue applications, and identified WooCommerce integrations to handle payments and care plans. We also ensured our development process allowed for seamless improvements to the site in future.

An Infrastructure For Impact


We set about producing a media-rich, full-width user-interface design that engaged customers through trust and convenience. We focused on streamlining the user journey for customers who could not get a quick appointment with providers like British Gas, and helped users gain trust in Custom Heat through updating the highly-accessed team section and company video.

To improve lead generation and conversions, we set up a new PPC converting Boiler Landing page and thoroughly tested variants with Google Optimise. Background videos on mobile and forefront images were also introduced to enhance UX and SEO. We also included custom website animations using Lottie.js as a dynamic way to emphasise calls to action.

Finally, we made a major upgrade to back-end content management, with Gutenberg blocks allowing custom configuration of page content and easy booking form configuration. We also replaced the custom PayPal & GoCardless gateways with a robust online checkout experience and potential new/additional payment merchants.

Driving Customer Engagement


The mobile-first design and fast, slick new interface ensured mobile users (the majority of website traffic) have an improved experience, with more attention paid to site interaction via smaller devices. This was reflected in the marked increase in the number of bookings and satisfying decrease in visitor bounce rates after the site went live.

Users further benefit from a fast-track journey directing visitors to the relevant information they need as soon as they land on the homepage. Prominent USPs, trust signals and clear benefits enhance the already strong brand reputation, while the clear CTAs, impactful messaging and intuitive interaction have all improved the customer experience and made Custom Heat easier to work with.

Complementing the new user-focused design, all elements were built with a progressive enhancement approach, making it easy to add further improvements in future.

Looking To The Future

Digital Transformation

The new WordPress and WooCommerce website has built a solid foundation for the next phase of Custom Heat’s digital transformation strategy.

Currently, the site allows customers to book appointments, sign-up for care plans and pay invoices easily online. In phase 2, we are working towards customers using the website to build their own quote for an online boiler, purchasing and selecting the installation date. This new functionality will then automatically communicate with Custom Heat’s CRM platform to facilitate diaries and even raise POs with suppliers.

A truly streamlined, automated system will enable Custom Heat to service more customers, more quickly, and also help users to get real-time quotes in a completely transparent way. And, of course, should anyone need help, then a member of the team is always available to step in!

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