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Exclusive, high-quality tailoring with a unique sense of character demands a website to match.
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“StrategiQ have expertly supported me in presenting our brand to the world the way that I always envisaged it. The thought behind the design, layout and presentation of our garments has blended our introvert and extrovert qualities perfectly. Our new website feels as bespoke and hand crafted as our couture range whilst providing a seamless ecommerce experience.”
Simon Horsley

The brainchild of renowned designer Simon Horsley, Crow & Jester specialises in distinctive luxury tailoring for both men and women. With timeless style and characterful design, the brand invites customers to consider two sides to their personality: the formal, darker-tones of the crow, or the more flamboyant colours and patterns of the jester. 

Driven by quality and personality, Crow & Jester knew that their existing website fell short of the expectations of their discerning, sophisticated target market. It needed to move beyond a simple, two-dimensional, functional experience towards a more personal, stylised platform – one that showcased their products and services to the right people, used exceptional imagery to speak to their target audience and conveyed the brand’s values of quality, character and individuality.

We set about creating a new website focused directly on the needs of Crow & Jester’s ideal customers, ensuring they enjoyed a frictionless experience. Visitors needed to easily find what they like, customise options, navigate the process of selection, purchasing or booking quickly and feel delighted, whether looking for ready-to-wear or made-to-order clothing, and regardless of viewing on desktop or mobile devices.

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Taking measurements, gaining insights


The first stage involved gaining a complete understanding of the Crow & Jester brand – its ethos, values, history, influence and sense of style. The website needed to completely express the brand’s consolidated ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’, allowing users to buy into the Crow & Jester personality and approach as early as possible in their journey – preferably as soon as they landed on the home page. 

The company’s strong sense of individuality and personality was obvious from the start, with founder and head designer Simon Horsley upfront in his belief that, in order to create something individual, the designer has to give something personal from his or her own life experiences.

Designing for success


We took inspiration for the website design from luxury designer clothing brands, but added a unique edge to all elements to convey the innate quirkiness of Crow & Jester, and their concept of how everyone is to some degree multifaceted.

Clothing is both highly personal and visible, so we emphasised Crow & Jester’s approach to individuality through exceptional photography and messaging, highlighting the differences between their garments and competitors’ offerings. This clear communication of exclusivity and key USPs created greater desire and brought visitors further into the brand’s vision.

The design also considered visitors on both desktop and mobile devices, so users could easily browse and engage with Crow & Jester’s products and services ‘on the go’.

Tailored for growth

Website development

Having ensured the website represented the Crow & Jester brand accurately through targeted design, we also took measures to increase browsing and enquiries through a carefully crafted user experience. It was vital we maximised the conversion rate through a well considered, bespoke e-commerce design, improving on WooCommerce’s basic platform.

With each landing page, we considered the flexibility within the development to allow for focused conversions. Every product or service page included functionality that enabled users to filter preferences, tailor clothing design options to their exact tastes and make enquiries accordingly. With a strong focus on imagery, we also made sure loading speeds were optimised.

Stepping out in style

The finished article

Ready to go online in time for the shooting season, the new website proudly presented Crow & Jester’s first range of women’s shooting attire.

The hyper bespoke multi-step shopping and checkout experience, embellished with fashion-style illustrations and component transitions from the Green Sock animation library, ensured the ecommerce side of the website was the perfect platform to showcase how truly tailored each hand-made garment is.

Looking great across all devices, and thoroughly easy to use, this is a site that meets the needs and expectations of the discerning gentleman and woman, and drives the desire to order those special garments or book a personal session for your own unique made-to-measure suit.

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