Becky Wins MVP!

2 min read by Sarah Smith 12 Sep 2016

Becky MVP

Normal service was resumed in August as our monthly MVP vote went back to being a very competitive, closely-run affair.

Emerging as the winner, by a single vote, was our senior designer Becky!

To be fair, Becky has garnered nominations in the last 2 contests so it really comes as no surprise. Here’s some of the feedback which helped her clinch the top spot as StrategiQ’s Most Valuable Player last month…

“Becky’s passion for, and dedication to, a job well-done is always at the highest level, which is consistently reflected in the quality of her work.”

“I’ve been seeing some really beautiful designs over Becky’s shoulder this month and I know she’s always working hard to make sure they’re backed up with good reasoning and research. She’s a great team player and is always there for help and support when needed.”

“Becky’s attitude, ownership and work ethic makes her a great asset to the company, especially as we’re growing at such a fast rate. The way she rolls her sleeves up and gets the job done, while supporting the rest of the team, is really inspirational and role model behaviour.”

Sophia, Yasmin and Chris G also picked up a nomination, and Simon and Chris P got 2 each – better luck next month, guys.

“Chris P’s ownership, persistence and attention to detail has made him a driving force on several recent projects. Cool, calm and collected under pressure – ensuring everything ticks along smoothly – his attentive nature demonstrates his dedication to the happiness and needs of our clients.”

“Simon has shown great ownership and diligence since he joined us, which shows his commitment to excellence for our clients. He has built a reputation among clients and colleagues as the go-to guy for anything super-technical, with a quiet confidence and unassuming modesty – not the most vocal in the office, but we’d soon notice if he wasn’t here.”

So, congratulations to Becky (and everyone else who picked up a nomination) – enjoy your well-earned day off and night out on the company. Make sure you leave off before 8pm so you can make the most of it!

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