An un-Be-lievable victory

6 min read by Charles Craik 7 Jun 2021

It’s June, halfway through the year already! Can you believe it? We’re hoping June is the month of freedom, vaccinations and summer vibes beginning, so let’s start off those summer vibes with our favourite part of the month – MVP!

If you don’t know much about MVP, it’s our monthly ‘Most Valuable Player’ award, given to the team’s most popular anonymously nominated winner. At the end of every month, everyone nominates who they think has gone above and beyond during the month, who they think deserves an extra day off on the company and a dinner voucher to enjoy however they wish.

May was yet again another busy month, with some huge site launches, some exciting extra-curricular activities and a tiny bit more normality creeping into daily lives. Everyone’s starting to get into the spirit of summer and we can certainly feel it in the energy in these nominations. Let’s read through some of our favourite nominations from the May bunch…

“I love working with people who are passionate about what they do – and that’s exactly what Ian is. Working with him on a piece of design for the first time was an absolute pleasure; he challenged the brief, thinking creatively and really looking at the design through the potential customer’s eyes. When there are so many amazing people to choose from for MVP each month, I wanted to let Ian know that he’s already made an impact and I know I won’t be the only person excited about working with him on projects in the future.”

“Dafydd thoroughly deserves the crown of MVP this month. I’ve recently been given the opportunity to work more closely with Dafydd on various projects and I’ve been impressed with his calm and collected approach to leadership. He’s patient and understanding and has this fantastic ability to guide those under his wing with snippets of his knowledge & expertise, but still with the opportunity to learn and explore things for yourself. Dafydd has taken on the challenge of mentoring the entire marketing team recently, whilst still maintaining his Client Director role, hounding client directors for the new marketing strategies in the new Strategy Framework that he has developed and rolled out, and still supporting those around him. I’ve felt listened to and understood, challenged and appreciated. Thank you Dafydd – I hope you get to enjoy that duvet day and dinner!!”

“I have been so impressed with Lauren’s approach to all things email and CRM this month. Lauren continues to establish email as the credible and important channel it is while also playing a key role in the guardianship of GDPR. Not only this but Laurens approach to client work, finding opportunity and generally delighting everyone around her makes her deserving of MVP.”

“This month my MVP nomination goes to StrategiQ’s one and only in-house baker, Levi. Despite being StrategiQ’s answer to the Great British Bakeoff, she also does an excellent side-hustle of SEO and as the month’s progress her enthusiasm and passion for demonstrating her expertise and using this to provide value to StrategiQ’s clients is exceptional. From industry webinars to articles on some of the biggest search publications, Levi is smashing it and deserves a well-earned duvet day!”

I couldn’t resist putting one of mine in here!

Unfortunately for both myself and Duncan, we were pipped at the post by someone whose determination and dedication was unmatched this month. The winner is someone who never allows for a dull moment, challenges the norm, breaks through boundaries that stand in her way and always has a smile on her face.

This month’s (actually very much believable) MVP winner is none other than Designer Be Peters! *round of applause!*

Be has worked tirelessly this month squeezing in training, organising, grabbing hold of opportunities when they arise and taking charge to ensure the best possible job is done where she can. She’s considered, detail-oriented and bold, with a passion for innovation.

Let’s take a read of some of Be’s nominations…

“Be deserves MVP this month. Let’s not forget the amount of votes Be has had in the previous couple of months to build to this point. The reason I’m voting for Be is because of her willingness to push the client as a company through their brand revitalization showing her expertise in action. Not only this, but the two presentations she has showcased her work AND taking first place in the training leaderboard. Hats off Be, you’ve smashed it this month.

“Be understands perfectly how to deep-dive into assessing and delivering excellent work for clients while also bringing the party to everyone around her. And with an acute attention to detail and engagement in both. She creates springboards for ideas, conversations, inspired activity and, of course, getting to know each other better.”

“Be has strived to deliver the best she can month in month out. Her impact on clients work is felt across the business and her drive to be better has been as consistent as it can be. The recent work on her latest project has been instrumental in helping us move this client forward with expedience and grace. The thought that has gone into the persona work, brand positioning and recent presentations has been fantastic, she is certainly deserving of the MVP crown this month.”

“Be wins my vote for MVP this month, I’ve been super impressed with both of the presentations she has delivered on the marketing team calls, showcasing her expertise and care for clients personas and brands.

Keep it up Be, a real class act!”

Congratulations Be, enjoy your dinner out and duvet day on us!

Wanna win an MVP? Take a look at our careers page or just get in touch with us – we’re always happy to chat with passionate people to join the team.

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