An Emma-culate Performance

6 min read by Charles Craik 19 Jul 2021

It’s July, which means we’re now properly into summer, and more than half way through the year already! The sun is out, (somewhat, we are in England) the good news keeps coming and we’re stoic as ever, taking on whatever comes at us with positivity, passion and expertise. And since it’s a new month to grab by the horns, it’s about time we announced the next person to proudly wear the MVP crown!

This month’s MVP was a tough decision on who to nominate (as it always seems to be) with some impressive work and achievements going on within the team. But, there has to be a winner! Let’s have a read of some of our favourite nominations from the month…

“Keiran wins my vote for MVP this month – I’ve been really impressed by his continual drive to learn and improve. From burnout to balance was a masterfully delivered session with a great blend of insight and engagement, Keiran has also been smashing his training out the park.”

“Another month, another vote for Phill P. After a well-deserved break, he’s come back and played pivotal roles in new pitches and client delivery, while also making good strides with SEO standards. He’s definitely deserving of a duvet day and a chance to bring out a trademark V neck on his meal out!”

Phill is an office fashion ICON, and I won’t hear anything otherwise.


“This lady never gives up…period! Not only does she ensure that every detail is captured within scheduling and facilitating that the team have all queries and needs answered, she account manages a plethora of high-value clients which draws upon her marketing expertise and planning wizardry. Roisin is one of the most versatile marketers with extensive hawk eye vision we are graced to have in our team. She settles for nothing less than detailed perfection and woe betide if you scrimp on that! Her caring nature is always a comfort and reassurance for both StrategiQ and our clients, which is why they implicitly trust her to get the job done to such a high standard. Her drive to positively drive clients businesses forward is fundamentally why we love Roisin! Average simply doesn’t feature in her vocab!”

“Duncan has been a great asset to the team this month. He has been above and beyond to ensure that not only his projects are running smoothly but the team around him has the support it needs. Always dropping a line throughout the day “How is it going?” or “All good?” he’s been a great colleague to have around.”

So whilst we’re all swooning over how amazing we all are, there’s always a little element of competition – who’s going to win? Who gets to spend the month donning the glitzy MVP crown?

Well, this month’s winner has been a long time coming. A first-time win for this person, this MVP has been the result of an awful lot of hard work and dedication that is arguably unmatched across the team at the moment. Our winners passion for all things marketing, ability to vibe with clients with ease, determination to fit as much as humanly possible into her brain and actually apply that learning has secured her the award for June.

This month’s MVP is snack-appreciator and aspiring chartered marketer Emma Squires! Let’s find out a bit more about why Emma secured her place in the Hall of MVP.

“As always, there are so many people who I could vote MVP, however, this month my vote goes to Emma. Her determination and care for our clients is second to none. It’s always great working with Emma, she’s so into it and always willing to help out when needed. You deserve a duvet day Emma!”

“I voted for Emma a couple of months ago and she didn’t quite enough votes to seal the win. However this month she is even more deserving of the title. Emma has had a brilliant last few weeks where she has taken her account management to another level and got up to speed so quickly with her new clients too. The organisation and planning is water tight, whilst her hands on delivery of organic social is going from strength to strength – we have a real specialist in the making here. On top of this, she has developed her own skills in her spare time to drive on and improve even further. From all accounts, she led a brilliant training session for a client with incredible client feedback. A well overdue MVP win should be in order this month – well done Emma!”

“I think it’s about time that Emma wins MVP! There have been a few months recently where Emma has just been pipped to the post, put I think that she thoroughly deserves the crown this month. Not only is she excelling as an Account Manager, but she’s also enhancing her PPC expertise, taking on organic social responsibilities and delighting clients wherever she turns. If this wasn’t enough, she’s spending her time out of the office to enhance her marketing expertise with her CIM training. Well done Emma – you thoroughly deserve a duvet day hopefully filled with plenty of snacks!”

Let’s hear it for Emma! Congratulations, it’s very much deserved and we’re all proud of how far you’ve come and how dedicated you are to not just your clients, but also to your team. Enjoy your duvet day!

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