AIDA Marketing Principles


Every piece of marketing you do should consistently follow the principles set out below especially as the users expectations of web sites and ease of use is so high now. You have on average 3 seconds to suit their search needs and careful keyword selection is critical.

  • Attention – Space, Colour, Shape, Video. If the user likes what they see within 3-5 seconds they will start buying.
  • Interest – The buying motives may be cost, time and or quality choose the target design example. Tesco’s Value – Tesco’s Finest
  • Desire – Why you? What makes you BETTER? Use video and real case studies effectively.
  • Action – Can you service my area without costing me more money?

Each stage lasts for 3-5 seconds initially and if you are successful in taking the user through this transition, they will enquire. This is essential for web and digital marketing but applicable to everything your business produces for branding.