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3 min read by tom 29 Apr 2015

Twitter Username

Our Twitter followers will no doubt have notice, or soon will notice that our Twitter handle has recently changed from the previous @strategiQmedia to the new @StrategiQ handle. Acquiring the handle has involved a long process of application with Twitter, which has led to some important learnings.

Finding the Handle

Upon setting up StrategiQ’s Twitter account, we were aware that the @StrategiQ handle was already taken, forcing us to accept the available @strategiQmedia as our Twitter handle. However, with the goal of acquiring the @StrategiQ Twitter handle, we monitored the activity on the account to see how active they were. Upon realising that the account hadn’t tweeted in 5 years, we got in contact through Direct Message with little success.

Applying for a Trademark

Looking through our options, it became clear that to force the acquisition of @StrategiQ, we needed to be backed up by a registered trademark, as per Twitter’s trademark policy. Setting about applying for the trademark, we registered through

  • The application process itself is not a strenuous one, but one that should be carefully completed, so as to ensure that the term or imagery relates to the specific services that the business.
  • Once the application is completed, there is a 3 month period in which people can dispute the trademark claim, after which the trademark is yours.


Companies can apply for their Registered Trademark here.

Contacting Twitter

With a registered trademark in place, we had the support to be able to force acquisition of the @StrategiQ username. This required us to fill in the Report a Trademark Issue form on Twitter, using the information received from the Intellectual Property Office. The form is simple to complete, but there is a short period of a few weeks to wait for the request to be accepted, at which time applicants will receive this email.

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Having now acquired the @StrategiQ username, we could not be more delighted with the effect that this will have on the strength of our brand. We would encourage all of our clients and associates to battle for the Twitter username that they want.

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