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9 min read by Charles Craik 3 Oct 2022

Welcome one and all to the spookiest month of them all, October! September was a brilliant month for StrategiQ – as usual, we launched some awesome websites, created some fantastic new partnerships with clients, and went to some super cool events. If you wanna see more of what we’ve been up to, head to our social channels. As we head into a new month, we say goodbye to September and hello to a brand new MVP!

As usual, the nominations were spread far and wide across the company, so let’s get straight into some of our favourites!

Andy has been an inspiration this month, spearheading the best strategy conference ever and generally making time to always share his insights. Leading by example and dispensing encouragement at every turn, this is a man at the top of his game and as such is definitely StrategiQ’s MVP, notwithstanding the fact he actually started the company. Thanks Andy.”

“This month my nomination goes to Dan! Dan has done a cracking job on the new StrategiQ site – experimenting with new methods and libraries to achieve some really awesome effects and functionality. I know he’s put a shift in, so in my opinion deserves a day off! Well done Dan!”

Emily is stealthy and softly spoken, so it is easy for her to go under the radar. However it should not get overlooked how much she has developed over the first 6 months of her time with StrategiQ. Emily came into the business with knowledge of Mailchimp solely as an ESP, she is now fully competent in Dotdigital, Klaviyo and Hubspot. This is largely due to the 200 hours worth of logged training and 7 certifications that she has gained over the last 6 months. However, the main business impact that needs to be shouted about is the fact that she has enabled Lauren Oliver to flourish into her role as Head of Customer Experience, and driven the service line for both our clients and for StrategiQ.

“… Emily has taken nearly all of Lauren’s day to day client delivery, which has given Lauren time to drive the documentation, commercials and productisation for Customer Experience. Never underestimate the work that goes on behind the scenes to make the “great work” possible. Well done Emily, keep it up!”

Rebecca at the strategy days showed us how to present marketing strategies. Clear, considered and impactful are just three words I’d use to describe her power to deliver on stage. Working hard in the background to get the marketing machine whirling; it’s great to see so much thought go into our brand and how we should communicate it. Well done Rebecca, great work.”

Rosie has worked tirelessly and at pace to deliver great content, saving the agency an absolute fortune in outsourcing costs and always with a smile on her face. She has some great ideas about content and is efficient and friendly when dealing directly with clients. Only a few weeks in and absolutely stamping her mark on this team and the agency – well done, Rosie.”

“My MVP this month has to be Max. No matter how big or small the task, Max always finds time – even if that means he stops what he’s doing to help. The quality of work he’s produced this month is world-class and really shows a detailed level of thinking with a difficult client. Top work Max, keep it up!”

Wow… it’s a big one this month! There was a lot to get through and everyone has put in a massive shift as we move into the Autumn/Winter seasons. As we know with MVP, there can (normally) only be one winner.

This month was no different, and our one winner was surprised at his win!

But who won?

Our winner is dedicated, cool under pressure, honest, thoughtful, confident, approachable and most of all, doesn’t even realise when he’s going above and beyond for our clients and our team.

This month’s MVP winner is none other than Creative Director Ashley Thrower!


Let’s read some of Ash’s nominations…

“After a month where the creative team has been creating and launching brands big and small, it hasn’t been smooth sailing, with choppy seas of client unpredictability but I have seen a calm, collected and organised Creative Director at the helm! Great leadership Ash!

“This month my nomination goes to Ash. At the Strategy Conference, it was great to see the launch of the new website, brand, merch and ThankQ boxes, everyone has worked really hard to get these live and ready for Strategy Day. However, there was one person behind all of these projects and that was Ash. Whether that was designing the new brand, or signing off the new merch, Ash had involvement throughout and definitely deserves a day off!”

“I’ve been really impressed with everyone who’s been part of preparing the StrategiQ 3.0 brand, website and marketing strategy. If I could vote for an ensemble of Rebecca, Louise, Lauren O, Ash, Dan, Duncan, Tom and everyone else involved I would. Hat tip to Andy for leading for best strategy days I think we’ve had, but I believe this month’s above and beyonder has to be Ash. Enjoy an extra day at home!”

“My nomination this month has to go to Ash. There’s been a lot of creative work pass through the team recently, the bar has been raised immensely with the calibre of client that we’re getting in and Ash has managed to keep his cool and lead the creative team to come up with some incredible work. He always has time for others, and no matter what’s going on around him, maintains his calm and positive approach. Have a well deserved duvet day!”

“This must be the hardest month to have to vote MVP. There have been so many good news stories going around the company, in amongst that some game-changing work and leadership from different people throughout the team. The strategy conference alone was enough for many people to have won this month’s MVP with their contributions, talks, and hosting!”

“I’ve rewritten this entry 3 times but I’m going to have to pick one person, and this month that’s landed with Ash. The work the creative team is putting out this month is so great which is a huge testament to the talented team we have here, but I think Ash has done a fantastic job of guiding the ship. There’s been the usual high-paced work to get rolled out, alongside which there has been a huge branding piece for StrategiQ (including visuals/merch and not forgetting the new website). It’s been a huge team effort and there’s a lot of praise to go to individuals working on the moving parts but I think Ash has been pivotal on all fronts and deserves a duvet day!”

Congratulations Ash, it’s a much deserved win and next time don’t be so shocked at how much we all value your knowledge, skill and attitude to your every day.

Wanna win your very own MVP?

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