A December Two Remember

4 min read by Charles Craik 14 Jan 2019


It’s January, which means we’re all slightly chubbier, absolutely sick of turkey and ready for the new year after a well-deserved break. However, nothing stops moving even when we’re off on our holidays – we’ve still got to announce our December MVP winner!

As you can imagine, December is a busy month for an integrated marketing agency, and it can be hard to pinpoint standout work as we’re all at the top of our games towards the end of the year (not that that’s any different to usual). However, there must be a winner, and this time it’s no different!

Let’s take a look at some of the lovely nominations for the last MVP of 2018:

“I’d like to vote for Tom W for all the tenacity and hard work he put in in order to get a client site up to StrategiQ standard and ready to present to the client in a short space of time. The above and beyond came in his ability to step up how he managed the client’s expectations perfectly while balancing actionable outputs.”

“My MVP for December is Caroline. She may have only been here a short time, but she is really starting to make a lasting impact. Her client communication was impeccable and her tasks and days are always meticulously planned, which makes everything easier for everyone around her.”

“I’d like to nominate Bex for her work with CRO testing. At my interview, I asked if StrategiQ did CRO testing – my question was taken into account and the testing improved thanks to Bex’s action. We always see results from Bex’s action!”

“My nomination is Levi. She has shown enthusiasm for everything throughout the last month and never seems to let obstacles get in her way of getting the best for the client. She’s always happy to go that extra mile for clients, and for the team.”


It’s always great to read the nominations (I get the best job of reading through them all) – they always make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it’s a fantastic way to start the new year. With that in mind, let’s get down to business.

This month we went a little crazy and had not one, but two MVPs! The winners for December were chosen because of their impact on the business and clients’ businesses over the last month, and their standout positive attitude towards their work.

Drumroll, please! The first winner is… Amy Coulthard!

“Not just in the last month, but the last year, Amy has been making a massive impact on the productivity of the production team. We wouldn’t be where we are without her.”

“I’d like to nominate Amy for MVP. She’s been an expert Tetris player trying to fit everything into our diaries for the last month and has absolutely smashed it. She’s kept the flow of work steady and organised which has made a massive difference.”

Congratulations, Amy. A well-deserved ‘duvet day’ is coming your way very soon!

And now to our second winner… Nicola Godbold!

“Nicola, the lovely smiley face you see when you walk in the door at StrategiQ HQ, has been a huge support in the last few months. Where there have been minor resource shortages or last-minute arrangements to be made, Nicola always steps up to the plate and quietly gives a helping hand, no questions asked. Nicola is a huge part of the everyday smooth running of StrategiQ and without her, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

A big congratulations to both Amy and Nicola for their huge support and ‘above and beyond’ attitude. You deserve a day off and a dinner out on us!

Fancy winning MVP for yourself? Check out our careers page for the latest opportunities at our Suffolk and Midlands offices.

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