A Best Employer’s BBQ

4 min read by Charles Craik 2 Sep 2019


You may have heard that we recently won the Best Employer award at the Suffolk Business Awards. The award is a testament to the hard work we put in every day to make the place we spend most of our time as comfortable, happy and supportive as possible.

Usually, on these occasions, we’d have the team draw names out of a hat to go to the ceremony and enjoy the table wine and snacks, as well as share the moment of glory. However, the bigger we get, the harder it becomes for us all to enjoy that moment.

This year, we decided to do things a little differently. Since many of us couldn’t make the ceremony, Andy (our CEO) suggested that we have a bit of a shindig if we emerged victorious (which of course we did!). In true StrategiQ style, what started as some plans for a get together quickly escalated into a ‘go big or go home’ BBQ and rounders tournament at the fantastic Suffolk Food Hall.

The evening started with an early departure to the food hall where we were all met with the smell of glorious BBQ and some questionable 80s ballads. As soon as the chef announced grub was up, we tucked in like a crowd of hungry marketers who’d been waiting for a BBQ all day (funny that).


And wow, the food was delicious. Hand-prepared by the team at the food hall, there was more locally sourced meat than you could throw a stick (or sausage) at – with some banging sauces on the side. Partnered with a fresh, cold cider and the beautiful sunshine, it was the perfect way to celebrate.

Once the food had settled and been washed down with some refreshing bevvies, the rounders buzz started as we organised ourselves into teams for the big tournament. Despite some over-friendly wasps and interesting footwear choices, we all really got into the game and found out that we’re actually all incredibly competitive…

That concentration face… 

…some of us are actually terrible at running (me especially), and that we all need to go outside a little more…

 I mean, just look at this majestic gait…

… but most importantly, this old school playground game reminded us why we won the award in the first place. It didn’t feel like a work event; it felt like a huge group of friends hanging out, playing some games and enjoying the sunshine. It’s hard work finding a workplace that ticks every box: friendly people, great clients, great atmosphere, excellent standard of work and passionate, hard-working teams. But we’re proud – and incredibly lucky – to have created just that at StrategiQ.


On behalf of the team, I’d like to thank Andy, Nicola and Nick W for organising such a wonderful event, and a massive well done to everyone for the well-deserved win.

If you fancy being a part of the StrategiQ family and working for Suffolk’s Best Employer, have a look at our careers page, or get in touch for a chat!


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