4 Key SEO Considerations for 2015

SEO New Year

With 2015 now in full swing and businesses approaching some form of normality following the New Year celebrations, it is time for marketers to consider the updates and trends to the digital marketing arena and in particular SEO movements in 2015. With so many developments occurring on a weekly basis in the ever-evolving digital marketplace, it is impossible to identify and track every single change that occurs, but the key trends in 2015 seem clear.

Mobile Will Continue to Grow

With 50% of searches now completed via a mobile device, all levels of integrated marketing have to adhere to the dramatic developments being made within the digital marketplace. User journey and equally mobile user journey now play an important role in SEO and with the very function that SEO is built upon now proving to be a mobile first experience, it stands to reason that the SEO industry will have to continue to develop a mobile-first attitude.

Video is Important

During our time at Search Love, one of the key takeaways that StrategiQ acquired was just how important video is to search optimization. As the second most used search engine in 2014, YouTube proved that as web users, much of the media that we consume is in the form of video, and brands will have to identify with this, to stay ahead of the internet trends. Videos growth is expected to continue throughout 2015.

Google Pigeon

The importance of local search in itself is expected to grow throughout 2015, and Google Pigeon will place greater emphasis on local SEO for small businesses. The recent update will see Google focus greater on the location of the user, allowing for more accurate, and perhaps niche results, which will work to the benefit of smaller businesses and to the detriment of larger franchises. Small businesses should certainly take note of these important changes if they are to benefit in the SEO world.

The Keystones Remain

Much as any marketing tool or tactic, the bread and butter basics of SEO will remain the same, which is dependent upon two key factors. These being what you say about yourself (on-page SEO) and what others say about you (off-page SEO). If these keystones are respected, then everything else becomes so much easier.

The importance and indeed awareness of SEO as a viable and important marketing tool grows every year, with many businesses now seeing it as paramount to their continued development. Marketers must continue to monitor the trends and developments of SEO to stay ahead of the game.

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